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Direct Email: DebbiesARTspace@yahoo.com
The Love of art has taken me on an incredible journey over the years everything from making video games to painting faces and now onto teaching. I am always interested in what ever someone brings or asks me.
Fun with cartoon animations
Working with a major gaming company has really brought me to truly love the mechanics behind the scene. For all the hard work and the Zillions of hours a team put into a single animation. I'm proud to be a part of it all. 
Sketch your heart out
Everything I know today was all learned through sketching until your fingers fall off and you have pencil lead on your face. Life begins with the simple sketch of the world.
For the love of Painting
After allot of trial and error paint has become a part of me. You must always start with research of your subject for complete accuracy. 
Send me an email for a copy of my resume or a hard copy on DVD of animation demo reel..